RP3 Program Certification

In March 2012, the American Public Power Association (APPA) awarded the Morristown Power System (MPS) with the Platinum Level certification of the RP3 Program for Reliable Public Power performance which benchmarks public power systems across the United States. MPS scored 96.5 of a possible 100 points in the evaluation indicating a very high rating when comparing MPS against other municipal power systems. The program evaluates municipal power systems in four major areas: Reliability, Safety, Workforce Development and System Improvement.

MPS has held the Platinum rating since 2005. While the APPA judges power systems, this certification permeates programs across all MUS divisions and our employees.  The RP3 recognition gives citizens of Morristown a reason to be proud of their local power company and an assurance that they live in an electric service area committed to reliable public power.

See the RP3 Scorecard.

The categories were evaluated in these areas:

  1. Reliability Checklist
    • Service Reliability Indices
    • Mutual Aid Agreements
  2. Safety Checklist
    • Safety Manual
    • Safe Work Practices
    • Benchmarking
  3. Training Checklist
    • Conference & Workshop Attendance
    • Continuing Education
    • National, Regional and State Committee Membership
  4. System Improvement Checklist
    • Research and Development
    • System Betterment Measures

MPS has long been committed to excelling in these categories and has put in place documentation practices to assure our commitment to these areas are tracked and monitored.

RP3 Award