Video On Demand & Pay Per View

FiberNET provides all digital customers with on-screen access to hundreds of movie titles. With Video On Demand, you can start a movie whenever you like and control playback while you watch.


How Does Video-on-Demand Work?

Your remote control will provide you with the capability to start, stop, pause, fast forward and rewind the program for the entire rental period. Best of all, the movie returns itself.

VIDEO ON DEMAND (Movie prices vary. Check the price before you purchase.) 
Movies On Demand (Standard Definition) - Channel 700
HD Movies On Demand - Channel 1000
Library Movies On Demand - Channel 706 (older movies)

Click here to view a preview of movies on Video On Demand. When you click on this link, you will preview the movies that are:
(1) New This Week,
(2) Just In Again
(3) Top 5 Movies On Demand
(4) Now Playing On Demand 

PAY PER VIEW (Pay Per View prices vary, Check the price before you purchase.)
Pay Per View - 701 (This is where you will find the lastest UFC or WWE event.)
Events On Demand - Channel 703
UFC On Demand - Channel 704
Disney Family Movies - Channel 713 (Disney Family Movies costs $5.99 per month and can be added to your video service by calling 423-586-4121. 

NBC On Demand - Channel 708
Discovery On Demand - Channel 709
Free On Demand - Channel 710
Kids On Demand - Channel 711
Music On Demand - Channel 712
Cutting Edge On Demand - Channel 731